The Envi Express Difference

Emission free delivery. Every delivery, every day!
image Envi Express is the first US based delivery company to have 100% of its fleet emission free. Envi Express enters the rapid growth market of on time delivery with the certainty to compete with more established brands. Our customers are offered performance examples to show how Envi Express can compete, head to head, in delivery performance with the big-name delivery companies but offers environmental responsibility in the customer experience. Evaluative Industry data is used to show that every delivery made by the major delivery companies contributes to pollution and health problems with constant emissions flowing from inefficient technology. Electric vehicle technology and the environmental value built into all-electric vehicle performance is carried in newspaper articles, classroom discussions and web site descriptions, which all help to create a better understanding and acceptance of this new transportation and delivery era. Until now, consumers have not been presented with a viable alternative to the large delivery polluters. Envi Express offers a conscionable delivery option, with similar performance and pricing features that can be replicated in every city and most rural areas throughout the United States.

The Kia Soul-EV is the vehicle used for our courier and small package city and rural delivery routes. This vehicle compares in size to the USPS long-life delivery vehicles that have been in use since the 1970s. The Soul-EV and all of our other vehicles are 100% emission free which has a great environmental advantage over all of the competition.

Envi-Express proudly operates throughout Santa Barbara County.