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Envi Express Delivery

2018 marks the launch of Envi Express Delivery and "ee-mail delivery" in several US markets. Envi Express will introduce a line of all-electric, emission free delivery vehicles in pilot markets which include Chicago (2020), Nashville (2019) and Santa Barbara (2018). The company is working with business, community and environmental leaders to help support this emission free delivery system in additional cities across the United States and Canada.

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Individuals will have the opportunity to help breathe a breath of cleaner air in the communities they live in when they use ENVI EXPRESS for all of their shipping and delivery needs. Our emission free vehicles guarantee a reduction in street and air pollution, every delivery, EVERY DAY.

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Companies can make an impact in the communities they serve and in the environmentally responsible message they promote in daily operations.

ENVI EXPRESS will support community based, home delivery in the cities they serve.

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