Community Services

Local services in Santa Barbara.
Our goal is to deliver packages and documents throughout Santa Barbara, with efficiency to compete with the big name delivery companies with community responsibility 100% emission free.
  • Campus Direct
  • Catering
  • Courier
  • Delivery-Same Day
  • Delivery-Next Day (does not apply to weekends)
  • Envi-To Go (restaurant delivery)
  • ee-mail (envi express mail)
  • Home Delivery (subscription)
  • Grocery-Direct
  • Wine Country-Direct

Community Planned Delivery

Community planned delivery is a system that unites community (partners) businesses and community organizations by pooling delivery vehicles that address specific timed delivery needs. A large number of community-based businesses have a limited need for the delivery vehicles they now own or lease. Community Planned Delivery manages these specific time needs for businesses with one source of zero emission delivery vehicles.

ee-mail Envi Express Mail

ee-mail is a way to bring marketing mail to every targeted customer in a neighborhood, campus or section of the city. Flyers and promotional materials are delivered economically and responsibly.